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"Logos, corporate identities, trademarks, symbols, monograms: Rarh Design Studio develops evocative ideograms that tell brand stories in a nutshell."

Brand Stories

Our holistic approach to design ensures that every detail in an identity system serves the expression of that special story your brand is all about.
Pic: 1 Architects / Identity + Branding.

Brand Stories

Every brand has a story to tell. Before anything else, we try to identify the one compelling story that your brand has to tell and the desires it nourishes.
Pic: Sandesh, children’s magazine / Illustration, Typography.


Every communication works like an advertisement. Every time you exchange a business card, or send an email, the brand and its values are being communicated. Every little piece of paper needs to be designed & branded.
Pic: BCP Pvt. Limited. / Identity + Branding.


At Rarh we know where the devil is. We know what the smallest of errors can do to a business. So a stage-by-stage analysis & evaluation of each aspect of the design ensures that everything is done with utmost care & consideration.
Pic: Ozzie Homes Pvt. Ltd. / Identity + Branding.


Your brand is a multitude of senses & ideas functioning at different levels. Your brand is everything you say, everything you do. At Rarh we help you define your brand detail by detail, without losing sight of who you are & who you are speaking to.
Pic: Narwhal Inc.. / Identity + Branding.

Understand, Anticipate

At Rarh we try to be sensitive to the changing times. We try, not only to understand the current needs of communication, but also to anticipate the future ones.
Pic: Vriksh / Identity + Branding.

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